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How to Stay Motivated Despite Unsupportive Family and Friends

Blogtober, Day 5.

Yesterday I published a video in which I talked about how I get motivated to achieve my business goals. However, sometimes the bigger issue is staying motivated, especially when you don't get the support of your family and friends. Someone recently posted a super relevant picture. It had two types of Facebook statuses. The first one said "I got the job" and had 87 likes and 15 supportive or congratulatory comments. The other one was "I started my own business" and it only got 3 likes and 1 "thumbs up" emoji comment. I would love to say that it isn't a common scenario and it has been created just for laughs. Unfortunately, that's the reality new entrepreneurs face quite often. It happened to me too and I had to find a way to shut down the negative vibes coming from all around me, focus and stay motivated to achieve all my goals. Here's how I did it.

stay motivated despite unsupportive family and friends

1. Join business groups on Facebook

I am a member of a ton of business networking groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Not only I learn so many new things, sometimes find clients and help others, but also I interact with people bitten by the entrepreneurial bug like me. There was a point in my business journey when I felt really down. Not because things were not happening, but because I didn't get support and encouragement from my hubby. I was working a lot, but not making much. He didn't see a point in that and thought we'd all be better off if I just got a "normal job". For some of you that's painfully familiar. I had to turn to those groups for advice. I asked the members how do they cope with unsupportive partners. It surprised me how many of them have gone though the same thing. The most common reply was to ignore the comments, looks and vibes for a while until tangible results begin to show.

And that's what I did. I kept on doing what I was doing. Once I ranked on first page of Google for my services, once new clients started coming every month, his perception of my business changed. For several months I was making more than him and his permanent job.

2. Imagine the alternative

What if you weren't in business? What would you be doing? Would you be able to find a a nice flexible job, that pays you well and you enjoy going to every day? Probably not. Not because such jobs don't exist, but because if that was something you've always wanted, you would have never started a business in the first place. It works incredibly well with me. The thought that I might have to be tied to an office chair 5 days in a week from 9 to 5 (or similar) with only 25-30 days holiday per year terrifies me! I mean, being a business owner requires you working much more than that, but at least you have the freedom to do it at your own time. I don't have to miss an event at my children's school because I don't need to count how many days holiday I have left. The possibility of giving up that freedom always motivates me to work harder and get better in business.

3. Celebrate every little win

When you don't get much support from your family and friends, you need to be your biggest fan. It is so important to be nice and praise yourself when you complete even a tiny achievement in business. You boost your own self-confidence this way. Also you prompt others to celebrate with you even if they don't quite get why you are so excited about it. I celebrate my wins and my clients wins. It becomes addictive after a certain point. The more things you have to be proud of, the more proud you want to make yourself. You end up putting in even more effort and achieving much bigger goals.

4. Trust the Higher Energy

I am a Christian and believe in God and the Bible. For me the Word that I got when I was trying to push on my business is one of the strongest pillars I can lean on in times of self-doubt and anxiety. It was a divine promise that the path I'm walking on will lead me to success, regardless what others think. But you don't have to be a Christian or have any faith at all to feel a higher energy around you. It's up to you how you would call it, but you should know it's there. I don't believe in coincidences. Something or some things prompted you to start the business that you are doing. Events in your life happened for a reason and some of them led you exactly to the decision to start your entrepreneurial journey. Trust that power.

Are you feeling discouraged about staying in business? Talk to me. I've been there and I just want to help you remember that you are great at what you do and it's your calling. If you've previously experienced lack of support from family members and friends and managed to get out of the situation as a winner, let us all know how you did it in the comments below. You may be helping someone who's ready to give up their bright destiny because of the doubt of others.


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