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What's New on Pinterest

Pinterest has been Godsent for a number of online brands and bloggers who want to increase their traffic.

This blog is not an exclusion. I get regular, steady organic traffic through Pinterest every month. And the best thing is, you don't need to produce a top-notch article every week. Our current best performing blog post was published in September 2020.

But there's so much more Pinterest gives its regular users and it keeps bringing new exciting features. So, let's see what's new on the platform.

Keyword Research

After the update from January 2021, it is now harder to do keyword research on Pinterest because the tags that popped at the top of the page when you open a pin don't show any more. That's true for both the desktop and mobile version. Nevertheless, there are so many new cool and useful things you can do!

Reactions to Carousel Pins

Ok, these have been there for a while, however, with the 2021 algorithm update, they bear more weight in your pin performance. That's pretty much standard for all social media platforms. The more reactions or comments a post (pin) gets, the higher it ranks on the algorithm distribution list. Focus on creating more carousel and video posts as they seem to be getting the most attention and interaction.

Reactions and Rating of Comments

The initial purpose of Pinterest is to inspire people and give them ideas. A decade later they stay true to their mission. Comments under pins can now be rated as "helpful". This potentially increases the chance for conversions under your product pins, just like customer reviews. Also, it is a great engagement building tool.

Reach Metrics

Pinterest have just changed the account reach and engagement metrics. Now it shows the total monthly views of your pins or how many times your pins were on screen in the past 30 days.

Real Time Analytics

I mean, how cool is that! Just like Google Analytics you are able to see what happens on your account, who interacts and how in real time. You have access to detailed data about your audience, including gender, age, location, access device, interest categories and then specific line of interest under each category. This is invaluable information that can build a strong marketing or advertising campaign for you if you use it right.

What's even better - you can see the data for both your total audience (everyone who saw your pins) and your engaged audience (everyone who interacted with your pins). The latter would be the audience you want to target with content and ads aimed for the middle of your funnel.

Idea Pins

These are the Big News of Pinterest. The new feature was introduced just 2 weeks ago, on 18th May. It's Pinterest's response to Instagram stories and Twitter fleets, but the difference is this isn't temporary content. Idea pins don't disappear after 24 hours. They stay pinned at the top of your profile for as long as you decide. In other words, they act as highlights to your account and business. You can use both image and video formats, take real time shots or use content from your gallery. You can assign topics to your idea pins and they must be pinned to a board.

Viewers can comment and react to your Idea Pins and also save them to their boards.

The feature is so new, not a lot of creators have began to use it actively, but that's a perfect opportunity to experiment with it and master it. Go on Pinterest right now and try to create your first Idea Pin. It's a promising tool for even higher reach and engagement, which ultimately would lead to conversions.


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