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How to Become an Influencer and Make Money of It

March 11, 2019

If you are looking for ideas how to make money from home by simply doing what you love doing, influencer marketing may be the answer. It has seen immense growth in the past several years and proves to be one of the most successful forms of modern marketing. Furthermore, influencer marketing is a digital marketing trend for 2019. Brands are quick to connect with influencers and offer them free gifts and/or monetary remuneration as statistics show incredibly high ROI (almost $7 return for every $1 investment!). Influencers on the other hand, can make a totally comfortable living by being themselves and doing life the way they like. Sounds appealing to you? Let's answer that boiling question - how to become an influencer and make money of it?





1. Choose Your Niche


Being niche-specific is rule number 1 to be successful as an influencer. Make sure you choose something you are truly passionate about and love. In the process of building your name and personal brand, you will have to show a lot of consistency and dedication, doing that particular thing every single day. If it's not something you really believe in and it doesn't lie deep in your heart, you will get tired and dump it. That's how your dream of becoming an influencer goes down the drain. Here are some examples of niches: 

  • Home and Garden

  • DIY Crafts

  • DIY Home Decor 

  • Fashion

  • Lifestyle

  • Beauty

  • Travel

  • Food 

  • Tech

  • Fitness 

  • Health

  • Family and Children

  • Arts

  • Music

  • Photography

and the list is practically endless...