3 Black Business Owners Who Know About Branding

I hope you learned a lot from our #BrandingSeries in October. I was certainly thrilled looking at the site statistics and seeing so many new people visiting from various parts of the world and subscribing to MBC blog. This means you find value in our content and that's all we want. This month MBC also celebrated Black History Month by giving 20% off all services to any black business who approached us for a service. October is not over yet and just before you get ready to carve your pumpkins, I'd like to present to you 3 super successful black business owners who know a lot about branding. Read about their business journey and the advice they have to give you. Tobi Samuel - Design Droids 1.

When is It Time to Rebrand and How to Do It

Most businesses get to the point when they need to rebrand. It is, usually, a good indicator that the business is growing and making more impact or providing more solutions. Rebranding is a complex process and it is crucial to get it right. In this post we will talk about different situations that point you to rebranding and the basic elements of the process you need to take into account. When to Rebrand When you have outgrown your business name - Many small businesses choose to start by using the founder's name as a business name. No doubt, there are benefits to that, however, at a later stage, when the team grows, in most cases, this calls for rebranding. When you have outgrown your produ

How to Pick the Right Colour for Your Logo

Now that you've picked the perfect name for your business, it is time to create a killer logo. This is a true creative process with a lot of science behind. Most people believe that deciding on the design is the most difficult part of coming up with a powerful logo, but the truth is the first thing you should consider, and you should consider it well, is what colour to go with. Colours have the astonishing ability to evoke various emotions and feelings in people, without them even realising it. This is why colour psychology has a huge place in marketing and business as a whole. Study the Colours and Emotions Associated with Them It is a commonly used strategy among marketers to select partic

How to Choose a Name for Your Brand: Branding Your Name vs. Naming Your Brand

No doubt, one of the most important and difficult decisions you will have to take as an entrepreneur is how to name your business. There's obviously no right and wrong path that applies to all, but it is worth exploring the options and all of their positive and negative sides. The most common choice you'll have is whether to call your brand after yourself or to give it its own name. So today we are going to talk about what you are getting yourself into when choosing either. Branding Your Name This is the preferred route most freelancers, consultants and fashion designers go at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. It works well for individuals who are in the centre of the services

What is Branding and How to Get it Right

The month of roasted pumpkin and cinnamon is here and with it the most colourful season of all is officially settling in. There are a lot of things happening at MBC in October. First we dedicate the next 5 weeks on Branding, so if that’s something you are interested in, don’t miss a single post. Second, October is also Black History Month and we are celebrating it, by gifting all black business clients with 20% off all our services. Third, watch out for the Halloween Special raffle! What is Branding? Branding is also known as corporate identity or in very simple words, this is your business’ unified face in front of the world. It includes, but is not limited to all of the following: Logo Sta

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