How to Work with the Facebook and Instagram Changes

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How to Work with the Facebook and Instagram Changes

May 6, 2019

Welcome to May, everyone! Usually we have a topic for every month, but this time we are going to discuss different ways we use marketing in its various forms. The hottest topic in the past few weeks has been the changes on Facebook and Instagram. It only makes sense we start with it, especially because a lot of accounts are still experiencing glitches and that's quite confusing for most business owners. Luckily, I'm here to explain exactly what's going on and how to work with these changes. 




What's Changing on Facebook 


Facebook has gone through a tough year, having to answer to Congress about the huge Cambridge Analytica scandal and a lot of other private info leaks and breaches. These are the main reasons why Mark Zuckerberg and co have decided to turn their back to permanent content in favour of temporary posts, i.e. Stories. In a few weeks from now we expect the whole timeline, as we know it, to disappear. We will see 4 sections - Stories, Videos, Groups and yet to be confirmed... If you ask me, this isn't great for business. But now it is a matter of utilising all of your resources into the creation of visual content - attractive and entertaining images, short punchy messages that can go on your stories and of course, videos! Your best strategy for higher engagement would be to produce educational (how to) videos, behind the scenes and interviews. Whenever you create content for Facebook, think about how it serves your audience. Does it bring any sort of value to them? If it doesn't, then you can't expect high engagement rates or reach, for that matter. 


Pages and Groups Reach


Speaking of reach...once again, the algorithm update is slashing the organic reach of both pages and groups. The maximum organic reach for groups is expected to be 6.5%, and for pages only 2-3%. Clearly, this is terrible for getting your message across. So, is Facebook still the place to be doing business? Yes! But you need a new strategy. If before we were constantly telling clients to post on their business pages as frequently as possible (meaning daily), now we are advising to get the activity down to 3-4 times a week, but make sure they increase the use of Stories. Users can now share a Story on their timeline, which indeed, helps reach. Also, whether we like it or not, we are forced to use more paid ads on Facebook. Note I said ads, not boosting posts. There is a clear difference between the two of them, but I will explain further a little later in this article. 


Changes in Messenger


The integration of Messenger and Whatsapp is definitely happening and Facebook has announced that the conversations on Messenger will be secured with end-to-end encryption and users will have the option to make all private communication temporary. Again, this isn't good for business, having in mind that a lot of small businesses use Messenger to communicate with their customers and there is important order or client info that needs to be saved. In addition, it may be more difficult to settle disputes between sellers and buyers via Messenger if the chronology of the chat disappears. This means two things - get your filing game on point and start using emails. Screenshot and store appropriately (in accordance with your privacy policy and GDPR) all information that is essential for business. One good thing about this change is that it may help you build your email list quicker and easier. Request that your customers on Facebook give you their email address to ensure seamless communication with them at all times and protect their interests, as well as your own. Never think of breaching the GDPR rules in your communication with clients. If you decide to send marketing or promotiona