Top 10 Video Marketing Trends 2020

Top 10 Video Marketing Trends 2020

April 7, 2020

Video content is marketer's best friend. It's no longer the case of including it in a company's marketing strategy, it's now a matter of building the strategy around video. So what are the top 10 video marketing trends in 2020 you should be aware of? 




1. Being Easily Accessible


One of the major video marketing trends 2020 is making sure your videos are accessible across channels and people can watch them in different places. Post your video natively on different social media - YouTube, Facebook, IGTV, Twitter. Also, embed it on your website. Different people prefer to use different digital platforms. You need to adapt, in order to be able to send your message to as many of your ideal customers as possible. 


In 2019, marketers reported that video distribution on YouTube and Facebook was almost equally effective for the brand they represent. 78% of them confirmed they will continue to use both platforms to distribute their video campaigns to reach maximum potential customers. 


2. Video Formatting is Essential 


Because you need to be present on more than one channel, you will need to customise your videos for each of these channels. For examples, videos on IGTV and Pinterest will have to be vertical to fit a mobile screen better. Facebook prefers square videos and YouTube requires landscape orientation and formatting.