What is Mix and Why You Should Use It

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What is Mix and Why You Should Use It

October 9, 2018

Blogtober, Day 9

You are probably barely keeping up with all the social media channels that everyone is saying you should be using for your business. I understand it can be really overwhelming, but today I'll add one more to the list. Perhaps most of you haven't even heard of it, but it can be really beneficial if you get the hang of it. I'm talking about Mix. It was launched in July 2018 as a replacement for StumbleUpon. Now some of you know how valuable Stumbles were for blog and website traffic. I was just starting to make a really good use of it when they announced it will be shutting down. It was frustrating, but when I got the invitation to sign up for Mix I jumped straight onto it. I suggest you do the same. 




What exactly is Mix? 


Mix is a social media platform that combines the features of a few others. Based on your interests and preferences you will see selected articles in a pin layout on your timeline. You can arrange those in collections, kind of like on Google+, share them on other platforms, comment and see who else has saved them. When you click on the items, you are taken to the original source of the content. 


On the Explore page you can see the most saved content from all Mix users and your Friends' mix publications. As with every other social media platform you will need to gain more followers to achieve results for you business. How to do that? Share high quality valuable content and be consistent. Engage with other people's publications and follow accounts that produce content related to your niche. 



Why should you use Mix? 


There are several benefits of using Mix for your business. Let's start with the traffic. Anything y