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Clone Yourself and Do It All!

It's the season of holidays. The fact that you run a whole business all by yourself (or you are the driving force of it), doesn't mean you can't take one. Especially on some nice, sunny place with sandy beaches and great cocktails. But what would happen to all the things you need to do for your business? The social media engagement? The content calendar? Won't the SEO suffer? Let me pause you for a bit. You worry too much. Instead, keep reading this amazing advice from a guest writer and marketing specialist Teddie.

enjoying freedom in nature

Have you ever wished to be able to clone yourself so you can be present on social media and do all your business tasks at the same time?

Well, you are lucky now – “cloning” is no longer science fiction for you as long as you follow my advice. Who am I to know? I am Teddie – a marketing specialist with a decade of experience and a humble marketing coach in the fastest growing Facebook group for marketing ideas Artists and Marketers.

After you’ve read these few lines you’ll no longer need to manually post each social media post like during the times when your computer was driven by charcoal instead of electricity. No excuses anymore, here is how you can do it.

Feed Your Social Media Profiles with Content Once a Week and Forget about Them for the Next 6 Days!

Buffer them for free with! Buffer is the best portal you can use to buffer your accounts. It gives you practically unlimited options – if you pay – and more than enough options for free. You can add 3 accounts for free and you can feed each account with 10 posts at once. My Tip: Choose to add your Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn account there. Some may be tempted to get rid of the widely unappreciated LinkedIn in favour of Pinterest. I can only recommend choosing LinkedIn for the sales opportunities it gives. Instagram is much easier to feed when you do it on your desktop via Buffer! You can easily copy the best performing hashtags from other profiles or your own best posts.

Many marketing experts teach you that scheduled posts are an organic reach killer but this is not the whole truth! The actual killer is when you don’t find the time to post or when you post at a time when everyone is caught in work or asleep. Schedule those, make them interaction-friendly using polls, questions at the beginning and at the end of the post and ask for shares and likes. On social media you need to give concrete instructions - "double-tap if you"... and so on. You've probably seen those and I admit they sound stupid but they work!

Use Good Softwares and Online Portals that Spare You Time

Like, for example. Let’s say this is the "Photoshop" for all of you, who find

designing adverts too difficult.

And last but not least -

Start Every Day with the Tasks that Will Bring You Money!

Not with those that create your brand image. You’ll be probably surprised that I say it – but yes – the aim of all efforts is to make money, after all, and if you don’t prioritise properly, you’ll end up feeding your image day after day without monetising it.

You May Be the Best Singer but What Do You Get from It if You Just Sing in Your Bathroom?

So go out there, make yourself noticeable, be brave and sing so that everybody can hear you!

Yours faithfully,



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