Get Traffic to Your Website with Pinterest

Normally, we run monthly topics on MBC, and in June I planned to focus on SEO. However, social media is such a big subject and more so, extremely important, even for your SEO. So I decided to extend the "Get Social" series on this blog until we cover all major social media platforms you should be using for your business. I hope you are happy with this decision. Either way, you can let me know in the comments.

The star of this week is Pinterest. There's no way we can talk about successful online business marketing and not include Pinterest in it. I'm glad a lot of you, who follow me on Facebook, realise that, because you have voted overwhelmingly to learn more about this channel. Here I am, responding to the vox populi*.

*Latin for "the voice of the people"

how to get traffic with pinterest

Who Needs a Pinterest Account

I know I practically said every entrepreneur needs a Pinterest account, but some need it more than others. If you fall in any of the below categories and you don't yet have an account, I'm gonna need you to create one right now.

  • Bloggers

  • Travel Agents

  • Event Planners

  • Hair Stylists/Beauticians/Make up artists

  • Craft Makers

  • Food and Drinks

  • Beauty, Fashion and Health Brands

  • Home Services (Cleaning, Repairs, Interior Design, etc.)

  • Digital Marketers

  • Coaches

Who is on Pinterest

The majority of Pinterest users are female, above the age of 30, high earners and also high spenders. It is exactly why you want to get on the platform and market your products and services. Male users (although still a small number in comparison to women) are rapidly increasing. Pinterest seems to be one of the fastest growing social networks, even though it has been around for a good number of years.

People who go on the platform are interested in answers and solutions. They want to get ideas and inspiration. So you need to alter your mindset when you create content for Pinterest. On other social networks you strive to be current. That's why you do live videos and interact with others real time. Those networks are built for the present. On Pinterest you need to create content for the future. Someone is planning their wedding - they need to get ideas about the reception table setting. Another person wants to go on a beach holiday - what are the best places to visit, good hotels to stay in? You can apply this approach to almost any industry.

Pinterest demographics

What Makes a Good Account on Pinterest

If you are going to be using Pinterest for business (which you are since you are reading this article), you will need a business account. If you already have a personal one you can easily switch to Business. This will allow you to see analytics of your activity and promote pins.

Start by uploading a good profile picture. Like on other social networks, it's best this to be your logo. If you are a coach or an influencer, you can put a photograph of yourself. Your profile description should be concise but convey an emotional message. Add your location and a link to your website or blog.

setting up a Pinterest account

Next Steps

Now that your account is set you need to start populating it with good boards and pins. It's important to have a variety of well organised boards. They should relate to what you offer and similar interests. You can create sections within the boards to make them even more structured. Choose a featured board (your best one) to sit at the top of your profile.

What is a Good Pin

A good pin has several features:

  • it is vertical

  • it is relevant to what you do

  • it captures the attention

  • it has keywords in the description (Pinterest is just another search engine)

  • it provides value

What is a Rich Pin

Rich pins provide more information about the product or service. For example, price, product description and so on. If you are marketing your blog, insert an excerpt from it as a description.

To help you with the creation of good pins use Canva or Stencil. There are numerous templates on these platforms that you can edit and adapt to your brand.

Who to Follow

For you to grow your account you will have to start following others. You should follow these types of accounts:

  • similar to yours

  • the accounts your competitors follow

  • the accounts that engage the most with your content

For the last group you should create a board that is not necessarily related to your business but would accommodate their content when you re-pin it.

a good pin example

How to Get Traffic to Your Site

Pinterest growth is done mainly by group boards and promoted pins. The first one is organic, free growth. The second is paid advertisement. The more followers you have and the more people you reach, the more your traffic is going to increase.