These Fabulous Mompreneurs Will Make You Believe in Your Dreams - Part I

We are sending off the month of women, mothers and inspiration by interviewing truly fabulous mompreneurs who juggled several plates at once and did it mind-blowingly well. In preparation of this post I came across so many strong and amazing women, running successful businesses and being loving moms to children of all ages. Their stories were so powerful and real. I wish I could share all of them with you, but all that greatness won't fit in just two parts. Are you in need of a superwoman inspiration dose? Keep reading and don't miss part II on Wednesday.

Harleen Chadha

  1. Introduce yourself and your business

I am a mum of a 3 year old and I am a certified coach for women looking to take action on a long held dream. I am also a co-founder of a limited company dealing with promotional merchandise. Based in London.

2. What/who inspired you to start your business?

When I was 3 months pregnant and working stressful hours in the banking industry, I decided to follow my calling - to make an impact and help women unleash their full potential and also to do something that fits around my little one- I wanted to see her grow!

3. What was the hardest part?

Delegating and outsourcing tasks that I wasn’t able to do on my own.

4. Did you ever think of giving up?

Yes, when I had a month of no clients and I felt it all too overwhelming, I decided to quit and find myself a job. That’s the time when my own coach asked me what was my ‘Why’ behind all this I was doing and she said ‘Successful people are the ones who are quick to take decisions and slow to change their decisions - they don’t give up’!

5. How do you organise your day around your children and business activities?

I plan a day in advance about my next day tasks- priority and not very important. I put everything on my calender. My coaching time is when my little one goes to her day care for 3 hours and I do my other biz stuff when she’s off to bed in the evening.

6. Did you have the support of your family members?

Yes absolutely. My partner is extremely supportive when it comes to taking additional responsibility for childcare when I have my last minute calls/events to attend. He also helps me stay positive when I feel overwhelmed and out of control.

7. What were the things you couldn’t do yourself?

Tech - I am totally not a techie lady and I realised that when I was trying to figure it all by myself so I hired a website designer, a virtual assistant to help me with social media management, a graphic designer and a big help was my cleaner and a cook I hired for my household so that I can focus on important stuff.

8. Do you think moms make good entrepreneurs?

Yes absolutely. There is no doubt about it. As moms, we have this acquired resilience and the ability to multitask. Also, conspiring that we have limited time to our hand, we learn the knack of getting things done pretty efficiently than our male counterparts (sorry guys ☺️). Motherhood forces you to develop discipline, patience and initiative.

9. What is your best advice to every mom who wants to start a business but has a lot of doubts?

  1. Don’t quit your job unless you have a strong financial backing as you will need to invest in your business at different stages. Let your job fund you whilst you work on your business idea.

  2. Market Research - Make sure you study who your ideal clients are, talk to them about what you are launching, etc. and see how they are responding. Do lots of them if possible.

  3. Delegate, delegate and delegate- It’s an investment in yourself and your biz - If you find yourself spending most of the time and energy on household stuff - hire help! You can focus on getting other bits in your biz meanwhile. Hire a mentor/coach - The best investment you can make in yourself is by getting accountable and seeking guidance from someone who has been there, done that! You will get so much clarity and a sense of direction.

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