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Top Logo Design Trend to Consider in 2021

A logo is a significant part of any business since it helps customers remember your brand and identify your business solution. Companies pay attention to how their logo looks to stand out from other businesses and gain customers' trust and loyalty.

In this guide, you’ll find the latest design trends to follow.

Points to Consider Before Designing a Logo

Having a project idea, you need to design a logo and start a marketing campaign. The logo should follow your colour pattern (if you have any). To create a good logo, it’s better to find answers to the following questions:

  • What are the client’s company goals and mission?

  • How does the business get revenue?

  • Who is the target audience?

  • What are user expectations?

  • What are the customers’ problems your solution solves?

Let’s imagine that you want to start a food delivery business and decide to create a mobile app. In this case, you need to discover your target audience and make the app logo and screen design concepts, depending on their pains and interests. To get a good-looking logo and app design and even reduce app design costs, it’s better to hire the design team. Remember that customers tend to leave unattractive or unclear solutions.

There are several more aspects to consider:

  • Purpose. Your logo should be straightforward and show your company’s mission. Mind that customers should be able to discover the company’s purpose without deep thinking.

  • Various use cases. Remember that you’ll use a logo not only on the Internet but in the real world. It’s better to consider multiple cases like branded T-shirts, mugs, notebooks, or other advertisements.

  • Competitors. Before creating your own logo, it’s required to analyse the competitors and their strategies. In this case, you can see all the weak and strong sides and consider this information while creating your company’s logo.

Logo Design Trends to Follow

Let’s move on with the latest logo design trends.

Trend #1. Geometry

Design becomes simpler with geometrical forms and bright colours. Creating a company’s logo, it’s better to choose primitive shapes like squares, ovals, triangles, and others.

Such logos have a bunch of advantages. Customers remember them easier and tend to trust the company more.

Trend #2. Symmetry

This trend is based on the principles of logo design; every logo should be balanced. Customers compare symmetrical logo designs to complex buildings, so they’re solid and stable.

Symmetrical designs feel perfectly ordered. Such logo designs are even common for geometrical ones. Even hand-drawn designs tend to follow symmetry principles.

Trend #3. Simplicity

I’ve already mentioned that design tends to follow minimalistic principles.

Logo designs also are as simple as possible. These days, companies choose simple forms, black-and-white solutions, and bright colours. However, it can be a struggle to create a simple but meaningful logo. It’s better to make several logo design concepts. In this case, you can choose the most suitable and attractive variant.

To sum up, logo design is a vital part of your company’s brand. To gain customers and their trust, it’s better to follow the latest trends. It allows showing that your company is up-to-date.

Author’s bio

Vitaly Kuprenko is a writer for Cleveroad. It’s a web and mobile app development company with headquarters in Ukraine. He enjoys writing about technology and digital marketing.

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