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Why Having a Vision Board is Important

At the beginning of the year we usually set goals. Or at least make resolutions. But more often than not, we fail to follow through with what we said is our deepest desire. There are many reasons why that happens and we discussed most of them in last week's post. However, there's a particular step, which many of us skip and it becomes the stumbling block to achieving our goals. It's visualisation.

You must have heard of a vision board, but have you ever created one? Perhaps you don't think it's necessary to keep you focused. While it won't guarantee absolute success, I am certain it will help you concentrate on your priorities and objectives. And it definitely won't hurt having it!

Not convinced you need to spend time doing this? Let's look at a few reasons why having a vision board is so important.

why is a vision board important

1. It's Human Nature

We are visual creatures and we can't escape from that. It helps us process information and store it in our subconsciousness for a longer period of time when we see it.

It is particularly helpful for men because, generally, their brain responds faster to visual content rather than audio.

For women often is the other way round, but statistics show that women are more likely to create a vision board because they experience joy in the process of collating visuals for their board and combining colours. Women look for the symbolic meaning of a picture, a pattern or a colour and that helps them build stronger associations with everything that represents their goals.

Tip: Add daily affirmations, which you record and play to yourself or say in the mirror out loud every morning. This way you utilise both your iconic and auditory memory.

2. Keeps You Focused on Your Goals

Let's quickly go to some marketing statistics. We need to see something at least 6 times before we think of buying it. What does that really mean?

Seeing something a number of times sends a signal to your brain that it is important and naturally, you begin to think about it more often without realising. When it comes to visualising goals, this is particularly helpful because the more you see the visual representation of what you want to achieve, the more you tune yourself into taking the necessary actions.

In addition, you develop an emotional attachment to your vision board and the elements on it, because you spent time researching and working on it.

When you have an emotional bond with something you automatically place it higher on your priority list.

Tip: Put your vision board in a place where you will see it daily or several times a day. If you keep it in a digital format, make sure it becomes your wallpaper. Keeping it in a folder somewhere on your computer will make it absolutely ineffective.

3. It Makes Your Goals Real

Probably the best reason why having a vision board is important is because it turns concepts and dreams into reality and goals.

It's hard to focus on an idea if you can't visualise it. When you attach an image to it, however, it becomes real.

Let's take runners as an example. When they begin the race they move with a certain speed. However, when they get to the point where they can see the finish line they increase the speed, many times without being intentional about it. It just comes natural.

4. Helps You Recognise the Right Opportunities

You've probably heard people saying "I just wished it so hard and then it started happening". Law of attraction?

Well, maybe in a sense. But it's not quite what happened.

You set a goal in your mind. This means you spent some considerable amount of time analysing is that what you really want. Perhaps, you imagined yourself and what your life would be when you achieved that goal. This is already powerful and tunes your brain on that wave.

However, a vision board can make it even more powerful!

By looking at the visual representation of your goals every day, you tell your brain to look for opportunities that will help you achieve them.

Suddenly, you start seeing posts on social media, receive emails and meet people that work in your favour. Magic, huh?

Not really.

These posts, emails and people could have emerged at any other point and you wouldn't have noticed or recognised them simply because you weren't focused. Now your brain is programmed to look for these opportunities and it seems like all the pieces are coming into place at the right time.

It's not magic, it's you setting the right foundation for achieving your goals.

You have all the pieces of the puzzle, it's only a matter of placing them in the right order.

How to Create a Vision Board

Oh, it doesn't have to be complicated at all!

If you enjoy the creative process and want to fully immerse into the experience, you will need a blank canvas (probably A1), images that represent your goals, a printer, scissors, glue and a pen/marker.

Step 1: Find the images you associate with your goals. You can use Google for that, because whatever you download will be for personal use only. Alternatively, check some free stock photography website like Unsplash, PxHere, Pixabay, etc.

Step 2: Print those images and spread them across the blank canvas. You can organise them in different areas if you choose to set goals for other parts of your life apart from business.

Step 3: Write words that symbolise the achievements, moods and feelings you want to experience in the period of time you are creating the vision board for. For example, "focus", "recognition", "breakthrough", "financial independence", "joy", "healthy lifestyle" and so on.

You could easily do the same in a digital format using Canva, for instance. All you will need is the images you want to use. Then add the text and voila, you have a digital vision board. Don't forget we said you need to put this as your wallpaper so you see it constantly.

Third option is also very easy and straightforward. You could buy various vision board templates from a number of retailers. Add your own images and text and you are good to go. stick your vision board somewhere clearly visible and start working on your goals.

Do you have a vision board already? Care to share it with us in the comments section?


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