Email Marketing vs Intuitive Marketing

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Email Marketing vs Intuitive Marketing

May 20, 2019

Email marketing has been a massive trend in the past few years and I must admit, there are some good features that makes it really effective. The problem I have with it and the gurus who recommend it so much, is the way it is advertised. "Email marketing is a way of building your relationship with your audience." Wrong! The truth is, you can't have successful email marketing campaigns if you haven't already built a strong relationship with your audience. People won't open and read your emails if they don't know you and trust you. That doesn't happen with just one freebie you give them. It takes a lot more time, efforts and mastering intuitive marketing. 




What is Intuitive Marketing?


Another type of marketing? Seriously? Yes. In my opinion, the hardest, but also the most rewarding type of marketing. Only a truly talented marketer could make you buy a service or a product without persuading you you need it. Confusing? I know. But that's why it's so brilliant. 


Intuitive marketing relies on building trust, consistency and being an inspiration for others. Show people what they can be and they will want to be that. Show people what you can do and they will want you to do it for them. 


The first step towards building trust is establishing yourself or your brand as a leader in a certain community. For example, a Facebook group. Just any Facebook group? Of course not. You have to be strategic about it. Choose a community that contains a large portion of your target market. 


Then, show your personality and serve the community with your expertise. Build meaningful relationships with these people. Don't be the brand, be the person. The mom, who hasn't slept for days because the baby is teething; the guy who has no clue how to do his daughter's hair, but tries anyway; the lady, who is trying to take good care of her skin; the man, who just wants to talk about football with someone that actually gets the game. Connect with these people on a personal level. Then, tell them what you do.


The good thing about close communities is that they talk about everything. Someone is always looking for something and one day it will be the very product or service you offer. You have positioned yourself perfectly to suggest your service/product as the best solution to their problem. 


But you don't have to wait for an opportunity like that to arise. You can create it. Serve your community by sharing your knowledge and skills with them for free. That's part of establishing yourself as a leader, anyway. Give your products or service to one or two members of that community as a give and then watch word-of-mouth in action.