What is Emotional Marketing and How it Could Save Your Business

What is Emotional Marketing

March 30, 2020

Currently a lot of businesses are struggling on a global scale due to the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19. Many have shut down completely, while others are still trying to adapt. From my personal observation and research, few of those businesses are putting their focus in the right direction. 




The majority of affected companies and freelancers are not thinking about marketing. And this is a mistake. Now is the right time to put a serious push on marketing strategies and campaign. Having said that, if you relied on salesy posts and aggressive advertisement techniques so far, that will have to change completely! 


Emotional marketing and thoughtful content are the only way forward. But what does that really mean? What exactly is emotional marketing? 


Emotional marketing is a type of content marketing that aims to evoke specific emotions in consumers and at the same shows the personality of the business. In other words, this is content that expresses feelings and makes you feel. 


Why is Emotional Marketing Important


In the midst of a global economic crisis and uncertainty people want 3 main things - information, help and to know that they are not alone in this, i.e. something to relate to. 


The good news is all 3 are high value content, which you can create and use to strengthen your position on the market.