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Why Freelancers Need Good SEO Strategies

SEO for freelancers

Freelancing or freelance work is one where an individual works for themselves instead of a company. While freelancers still take in contract works for several businesses or companies, they are still ultimately self-employed and are under no company or business organization.

Being a freelancer has its pros and cons. For one, you get to manage your own time and schedule. However, it’s also your job alone to juggle all sorts of tasks such as billings, sending invoices, keeping track of projects and client deadlines, and paying your own, fair share of employment and business taxes. All these you have to carefully manage and do so yourself unless you hire someone to do all the clerical work for you while you work on projects. But, either way, it still differs significantly from those that work in companies.

While freelancing is always an option, it is never always as easy as people think it is.

With freelancing, you also have to learn about other crucial factors that make up a business. After all, at some point, big corporations nowadays also started with nothing. And from nothing, the founder became a freelancer, and the rest is history. If you want to be successful in your field, you have to make it work by juggling all the different sorts of processes, strategies, ad techniques, such as search engine optimization or SEO and how it could help your freelancing services grow and develop. But, before learning more about why freelancers need good SEO strategies, here’s a bit of an introduction about what SEO really is and why it is important:

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO contains a set of rules or principles to help optimize a website and achieve higher rankings in various search engines and organize results. To simplify it, SEO is one way of increasing a website’s quality and searchability by making it user-friendly, quicker, and easier to navigate through.

Why is SEO Important?

In today’s time, SEO has become more important than ever. In fact, SEO companies in the Philippines, such as Carl Ocab Digital Marketing, continuously make efforts to grow and develop in the field, as well as maintain a client’s search ranking in search engines to ensure brand credibility and establish user or customer trust. An SEO ranking helps you take advantage of your current spot or place in a search engine, and helps your website gain users or visitors, which, can possibly become customers.

More than anything, SEO helps improve the overall usability of a company’s website, which is a significant factor in keeping users and customers happy. This is because users trust those websites that appear in top positions on search engines, especially when they search for a specific keyword. As mentioned, it increases a user’s trust with a particular brand or company.

In simpler terms, websites that have good SEO rankings wouldn’t appear too “sketchy.”

SEO For Freelancers

Now that you know what SEO is, what it does, and why it’s important, it’s time to evaluate a few things or reasons as to why freelancers need good SEO strategies.

Establishes Presence

Since freelancers work alone, they don’t have much of a presence; or rather, an online presence. Chances are, potential clients will have a hard time looking for you. Worst case scenario, you can’t even promise good quality outputs to your clients since you don’t have good SEO strategies in the first place. Nowadays, it’s a crucial factor to incorporate SEO in any business, whether freelance or not. This is because SEO can significantly help both freelancers and companies alike to establish an online presence, build customer trust, and maintain a reputation.

SEO is everything. Today, people often opt for those websites or pages that appear at the topmost part of search engines because this only means that this particular website ranks higher than the rest, and is at least a credible source. In this fast-paced world, make sure that you can be seen or heard (especially by your target market), regardless of your “employment” status.

Good For Social Promotion

Ranking high up on search engines is also a good way of “promoting” your craft or business. If anything, SEO is an excellent medium for the social promotion of either your own website or your client’s website. Normally, users who find your page just by searching through Google or any other search engine are also more likely to promote it on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Gives You A Competitive Advantage

Nowadays, freelancers are all over the world. Instead of working for companies, most creatives choose to do freelance work. This is a rising problem more than a mere “trend.” An increase or influx in the number of freelancers only means that you get smaller chances each day to get clients and close deals with them. Gaining enough knowledge about good SEO strategies alone can serve as a significant competitive edge or advantage against all your competitors because, as mentioned, SEO is evident in the world today, and many individuals, companies, and other clients lean onto search engine optimization now more than ever.

On top of all that, SEO can put you way ahead of your competition. If you happen to notice a similar freelancer or website trying to sell what you also sell, the page that uses SEO is more likely to generate a higher number of customers and income as compared to that website that doesn’t use SEO.

Wrapping Up

SEO has gained so much attention and recognition now as compared to the pre-digital era.

Today, individuals and companies alike are beginning to treat SEO as one of the major factors needed to succeed in the industry, increase conversion rates, and generate higher sales. Which is entirely true. In today’s modern age, businesses or websites without SEO is like a fish out of water. It’s going to be tough just by trying to survive or thrive in any industry.

Author’s Bio: Edwin Deponte is a motivational writer who is also passionate about Social Marketing. He believes in others’ abilities and tends to bring out people’s hidden potentials through his words of inspirations and motivational articles.



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