Back to School: Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 and 2020

Hooraaay! I am finally back from my holiday and as everyone else I am returning to my routine, which, thank God, I love! And since I am here full force, I'd like to continue my mission of helping you create and develop a profitable and sustainable business. That's why today I'm taking you back to school with the hottest digital marketing trends for 2019. Actually, why look ahead by only a few months? Let's take this further! A good entrepreneur researches well in advance. What would 2020 likely hold for all of us who care about and use digital marketing?

students pointing at a laptop screen

1. Audio Content on the Rise

Those of you who started podcasts as part of their business marketing efforts are clearly on the right path. Audio content is going to grow significantly in 2019 and 2020. The explanation? People are busy. We have less and less time to read blog posts, ebooks or traditional books. It's easy to listen to good content while you are driving, for example. What should you do: Convert your blog posts to an audio format. This doesn't mean don't write at all! Your website needs that written and optimised content to perform well on the search engine. But provide more options to your audience. That can help you increase your reach by several times! Think of creating audio books too and use them in your sales funnels.

A woman listening to audio content and taking notes

2. Voice Search Optimised Content

Speaking of audio, voice search machines are the new in-thing. You know, Amazon's Alexa, Google's Home, Apple's HomePod and the rest. The trend is serious! According to a survey, 65% of people who own a smart speaker wouldn't go back to living without one. This goes to say you need to be prepared to accommodate the trend.

What should you do: Optimise your content for voice search. What the hell is that? Don't worry. It isn't as complicated as it sounds. In fact, every year we are trying to simplify content more and more to make it more appealing to the digital device users. Whenever you are choosing a title for a blog post or a video and building your keywords and phrases, think about how you would say it, rather than how you would type it. Here's an example:

Likely to type on a search engine: digital marketing trends 2019

Likely to say in a voice search: digital marketing trends for 2019

Voice controller device

3. Video Content is Still Going Strong

Those of you who felt uncomfortable in front of the camera and hoped that the video content trend will soon go away, I'm sorry, I'll have to disappoint you. Videos continue to be the most preferred form of content delivery platform for over 80% of all Internet users. Their reach is amazing and, of course, the engagement is much higher than that on a social media status or an image.

What should you do: Best thing you could do is start making use of the live video feature of whichever social media platform you use the most. It's the hottest type of video content as part of the digital marketing trends for 2019 and 2020. It's also free! All it takes is probably pushing yourself out of you comfort zone. But if you can't do that, why are you in business at all? Nonetheless, video ads should also be an important part of your content marketing strategy in the next two years. This can be a bit costly, however, it is certainly efficient. The good news is, video content is so popular these days, that there are more and more people providing video production services. The higher the competition, the more affordable the prices. Or at least, in general. 🤷

recording a live video on a smart phone

4. Internet TV Overtakes Traditional TV

Well, that was expected. I mentioned this trend in my post YouTube Marketing Tips in 2018. Furthermore, I predicted that IGTV will become the best platform for small businesses to make money on. Actually, that post is my best performing article ever and it keeps bringing visitors to my website from both organic search and referrals every single day. Haven't read it yet? Let me help you. 👇 How to Make Money with IGTV Right NOW

And now, only a week ago, Facebook rolled out a new feature, which helps you search videos based on your interests!!!

What should you do: Get your professional YouTube and IGTV channels sorted. Don't forget Periscope too! Start producing videos that will be appealing to your target audience. Get on the Internet TV train before it's packed and make a name for yourself. With time you will be greatly rewarded.

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5. The Social CEO is King

One more reason to lock your shyness in your pocket and throw the key in a fast running river. The digital marketing trends for 2019 and 2020 show that people are more interested in engaging in content that is delivered directly from a company's CEO rather than the marketing department. It's a huge advantage for micro businesses and solopreneurs as we tend to be social by default to establish our brand, build trust and increase the credibility of our servi