Twitter Marketing Strategies 2018

Have you been dodging Twitter for marketing your business? You are not alone. The thing is Twitter is not the easiest social media platform to understand, but it is an amazing marketing channel you should have in your arsenal. So I am here to shed some more light on how to make it work for your brand and the type of marketing strategies you should use. Twitter Basics How to get Started Unlike other social media platforms you don't need to have a business account on Twitter. In fact, you don't need to have anything different than just an ordinary account like everyone else. Creating it is easy. Sign up with your email address (professional email, I'd recommend) and a password. Much like Insta

Instagram for Business - All You Need to Know

Did you know that Instagram has become one of the most powerful marketing platforms for businesses? It is particularly great for product-based brands. Instagram has almost 1 billion users and data shows that engagement rates are much higher than those on Facebook. Well, that sounds great! But can anyone build a profile that reaches and engages millions? I know that you can certainly do it after you read this article. Building a Strong Business Instagram Profile You probably have an account on Instagram already, but if you don't it's easy to create one. You can use your Facebook account to do that or if you prefer, register with your email and a password. More importantly, focus on the next s

Why is my site not making sales?

Are you one of these hard working entrepreneurs who puts so much energy, time and efforts on their website but for some damn reason it is still not driving sales? This piece is for you! In this post you will find the right formula for creating a website that fulfils its main purpose - sells your products and services. Working with startups and relatively young businesses puts me in a position where I have to constantly explain that SEO is not magic. Converting websites are not built in a month and your work doesn't stop with creating blog posts every now and then. So what should you be really doing? Let's break it down. Use the below questions as your checklist when you audit your website

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