Content Marketing Tips for the Food and Drinks Industry

Happy Monday! How is your summer going? Have you been to holiday already? What was the best food and/or drink you had recently? As someone who grew up in restaurants (my dad is a chef), I've learned a lot about food and drinks. Sadly, I'm not the best cook, but to compensate for that, I have quite a lot of insights on the industry. Today's post is all about content marketing tips, which will help restaurants, cafes and other food & drink related establishments to promote their businesses more effectively. 1. Know where to be Your main platforms for digital content will be your blog and social media. Successful marketing strategies for this industry include a healthy combination of written an

Content Marketing Tips for the Financial Industry

Money, money, money... That's what we are talking about today. Or more specifically, the businesses that deal with the all that money. I know it's August and you are probably packing a bag to somewhere, but if you are a banker, insurer, accountant or any other financial professional, spare 5 minutes to read this post and learn how to enhance the content marketing of your business. Unlike most industries, which focus on selling a product, visual content (except for charts and graphs) takes a backseat in the marketing strategy of a company, operating in the financial sector. Such organisation or a sole trader provides a service, which is intangible, therefore, they will have to focus on writte

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