Planning a Holiday When Running a Small Business

Being your own boss is great most of the time, except when you decide to go on a holiday, especially in the early stages of your business. There is a lot of planning that goes behind the scenes just to keep things running smoothly for the week or two that you are going away. Even more if you are going for a longer break. If you have been in business for some time, you probably know all that you have to consider, but if you are just starting your entrepreneur journey, or previous breaks didn't go so well, keep reading to learn how to plan a perfect spring or summer holiday without harming your business. Let everyone know in advance Contact your clients personally to let them know you plan to

How to Go About Increasing Your Prices

Sometimes high volume of sales is not enough to grow your business. Expanding the range may be a solution, but that will also increase your costs. In certain scenarios you will just have to start charging more to get where you need to be in your business. Increasing your prices isn't easy and straightforward. On the contrary, it is a very delicate process that has to be executed with extra care as it can make or break your brand. When to Increase Your Prices Timing is of great importance for increasing your prices. When you have established yourself - Make sure you have enough regular customers who are happy with the quality of your products or services. If they see the benefits of your offe

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