10 Things You Are Doing Wrong on Your Facebook Business Page

So everybody has been saying how great Facebook is for business promotion and getting new customers, but to you that sounds like a joke because you've tried everything and the results you've been getting are nowhere near what you would like them to be. Don't worry, you are not alone! Before you give up on your Facebook business page, though, I will let you on a little secret - there might be things you are doing wrong and here's a list of 10 of them. 1. Oops, you spilt Call to Action all over your page! You know how you have about a thousand likes on your Facebook Business Page, but when you post something on it, you struggle to get 20 interactions? Ah yes, I'll tell you why. Facebook has th

Why Content Marketing Stays Winning

In early 2014 content marketing began to accelerate its growth as a digital marketing technique. Every following year the success curve continued to rise up. Now content marketing is implemented in almost any business' marketing strategy and there are solid reasons behind this rising trend. When you look at traditional marketing that's been around for years, you can't help but notice that there are certain flaws small businesses and start ups just can't afford to deal with. For example, high cost of campaigns, short retention of customer attention and wasting resources to an audience, which is very different from the brand's target market. Content marketing has solutions for all of the above

What Content is Good Content?

Being a contemporary business, trying to keep in line with marketing trends and build successful campaigns, in order to get more customers and increase sales, you must be paying much attention to content marketing. Because let's be clear on one thing, this rapidly growing segment of the marketing mix is what people really care about. Content marketing only gained its huge popularity and impact over the past few years thanks to the total domination of digital marketing over traditional marketing techniques. As a result, it comes to no surprise that many businesses still don't feel much confident about building an effective content campaign and keep asking the question "What content is good co

Content Marketing Battle: In-House Writer vs. Freelancer

2017 has seen the best performance of content marketing so far. Taking up the biggest chunk of over 20% from the total distribution of digital marketing techniques, content marketing done right is, no doubt, the hot sauce every business is trying to get their hands on. Brands and companies of all sizes and backgrounds are willing to invest tens of thousands of pounds to get their content marketing strategy right, because as statistics show, it is the best way to get new customers and retain them. One everlasting dilemma the marketing department of almost any big or small organisation is whether to hire an in-house content writer or dive into the deep waters of freelancing and catch a really

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