Accepting the Blogger Recognition Award

Wow, wow, just wow! I'm so honoured to have been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by Lauren who runs the Rosci Rocks The Blog. It's a phenomenal sense of accomplishment, knowing that another blogger out there has seen my efforts and finds value in my content. Thank you, Lauren! What is the Blogger Recognition Award The Blogger Recognition Award is given to bloggers by other bloggers to praise their work and promote their website so more people can have good pieces to read. There's no voting involved. Once you have been nominated, it means your content is great enough to win the award. So here I am, proudly accepting my first blogger award and hope that this will bring more people

6 Student-Owned Businesses that are Rocking It - Part II

As I promised you earlier this week, I'm showing you 3 more incredible students who acted on their business ideas despite the heavy schedule of classes, study meetings, exams and other life commitments. If they can do it, so can you! 🌟 Clea Watson - Priceless Clothing UK 1. What is your business about? I am the designer and creator of Priceless Clothing UK. 18 months ago, when I was 14, I started my clothing line. I'm hugely inspired by 90's hip hop, and it has a massive influence on my designs. I make and customise my garments from home, using my own vinyl cutter and heat press equipment. I found a gap in the market for unique urban clothing for young people like me. My main logo uses Hind

6 Student-Owned Businesses that are Rocking It - Part I

To finish the cycle of teaching and learning in September, I felt there's no better way but to bring to your attention 6 incredible students (in two posts) who are also very successful business owners. Read their stories on how they started and made it. 🌟 James Yardley - Def Couture 1. What is your business about? Def Couture is an online store specialising in hip-hop, urban and retro clothing and goods. I started off reselling retro and vintage hip-hop clothing on our Depop store and have expanded that into selling new goods on our dedicated website It’s been a pleasure to bring together some talented individuals who are creating great products to provide a diversifie

5 Brands with Astonishing Content Marketing

As you know, this month we are focusing on expanding our knowledge and learning new skills. What a better way to learn than observing what the best players in the industry are doing? Today's post features 5 brands in 5 different industries - technology, food&drinks, fashion, finance and tourism&travel - nominated for content marketing awards in 2017. Hope you are ready to take notes. IBM - Technology IBM have successfully utilised at least 2 of the most relevant content marketing trends for this and even next year. Their campaigns incorporate a significant use of influencers through a number of channels. Remember, influencer endorsements are a true winning formula for gaining more customers

Words, Images, Videos - Where, How and Why

Every content marketing strategy has to be complex to be successful. Good digital marketers know that a single component of content won't bring the desired results, or if it does, it is not going to last for long. Therefore, if you want your business to take full advantage of the powerful tool that content marketing is, you need to learn how and where to use different pieces, and why this is important. Today is your lucky day, because I'm going to teach you just that. Where, How and Why should you use written content? First and foremost, you need a brilliant, converting web copy. Your website is usually the face of your brand for the world to see, so the words you use on there have to be ca

Back to School: 8 Content Marketing Trends for 2018

Hello! Did you miss me? I've been on holiday and just moved houses so it took me a while to get back on track, but here I am, ready to feed you more useful information on content marketing. As you may know, this week most students in the UK go back to school. In the same spirit, throughout September, I will be stimulating you to learn more about the digital trends and news that are now part of any successful marketing campaign. We are almost in the last quarter of 2017, which means most big organisations are already in the process of developing content marketing strategy for 2018. Today, I'll help you get the bases on your own content marketing plan for a mind-blowing performance in the new

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