Content Marketing Tips for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Can you believe it? We are just a sleep away from the month of holidays, fun trips, relaxing getaways and quality family time. Oh, August, where have you been for so long? If you have already planned your holiday or you are still looking for offers, good luck and have a blast! I can't help you much with this post, but what I'm aiming to do today, is cater for the people who do the dirty work for all of us to enjoy a fantastic time away. Hola, Tourism and Hospitality businesses! Are you here already? I'm about to give 5 tips on what type of content makes a successful marketing strategy and how to use it to leave a really good impression in your customers. 1. Give your customers a platform to

How Celebrities Market Their Brand

Busy business people reading celebrity news is not something you see very often. It's considered a leisure time activity with little to no educational value. Today I'm here to debunk that myth. The name and lifestyle of a celebrity represents their brand. They put a lot of efforts to keep themselves in the eye of the media and fans, having personal marketing teams who go over hundreds of strategies to bring everyone's attention to that particular star. They do all of that to become and stay popular. It is what makes them money. Therefore, a savvy business owner can learn a lot about promoting and advertising their brand from celebrity marketing. Let me save you some research time and give

How to Market a Product Online

Hello again! After we talked about using content marketing to sell B2B services, this week I am focusing on product selling business owners and giving them some tips how to use visual and written content to increase their sales. It does look and sound easy because a product is something tangible that can be seen, but inexperienced marketers often fall in a trap trying to use unsuccessful or less successful strategies of selling a product online. I have prepared 6 ways, in which you can achieve awesome results by simply using your content appropriately on the Internet. 1. Celebrity Endorsement If you are a start up or a micro business you are probably thinking "wait a minute, how would I even

How to Use Content for Marketing B2B Services

Content marketing for products is somehow easy and it comes natural to most people even if they are just tapping into advertising and promotion. However, using written content, images and videos can be tricky when you are offering a B2B service. The challenge comes from the fact that most times that service is intangible and the target audience is sophisticated. So how do you use content to market a B2B service? Let's have a look at a few pointers. Getting the Target Market Right is Key I will never stop reminding you that in anything you do in marketing, whether it is content, digital, traditional, whether you sell products or services, your starting point of a good campaign will always be

5 Bad SEO Practices You May Be Overlooking

Unless you are a digital marketing professional you probably find SEO quite confusing and at times frustrating. That's completely understandable, having in mind guidelines and practices are constantly changing. For example, you might be thinking the more keywords you use, the higher your website will rank. I'm sorry to give you the bad news, but that's no longer the case. Also, there are some other tiny technical details you may not even have noticed, which actually have a massive impact on your SEO ranking. Let's look at 5 of them. 1. Low Quality Links What are low quality links? Every link that doesn't lead the reader to where the writer intended is a bad link, i.e inexistent page or wrong

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