How to Deal with Unhappy Customers

As you may know, we have dedicated the month of February to building and maintaining good and lasting relationships with your clients. This is an essential part of running a successful business and most of the time is not an easy task. We've already covered the process of establishing a strong consumer-brand relationship and given you some ideas of how to maintain it. However, very often businesses face various challenges in this area, especially when something went wrong and resulted in a disappointed customer. Addressing such situations appropriately is crucial for your business reputation and growth. To help you build a sound strategy for moments like this, today we are focusing on how to

Why Video Content Marketing is so Important in 2018?

If you have been following the content marketing trends in 2018 you know that your campaigns will hardly have any success if you don't utilise video content. In fact, video has been reigning the digital world for at least 2 years now and its influence is getting stronger and stronger. There are, of course, very logical reasons behind this trend. And since we are dedicating February to building lasting relationships with clients and increasing consumer engagement, let's see why video content marketing is so important in 2018. #1. Powerful Attention Catcher Motion pictures capture the attention of the user much quicker. Whether it is animated video with bright colours, or a recorded scene, it

How to Build Lasting Relationships with Your Clients

There's nothing more important in business than building strong and lasting relationships with your clients. Even high volume of sales won't keep you afloat if the number of your returning customers is low. Why? Because people talk and if they are happy with your services or products they will spread the word. If they are not, they will do the same. So nurturing your relationships in business is just as important as in personal life and it's not much different. Here are 5 ways you can do that. Understand Your Consumer First of all, learn all you can about your consumer. Not in a creepy way, of course. Just do your research on your target market. The most accurate results about the likes and

How to Beat Consumer Depression in February

February may be the month of love for many, but in marketing and retail it's one of the most dreadful periods of year. I remember very clearly my professor in university saying that in most industries February is a dead sales month because people are miserable, the weather is cold and everyone has spent way too much over Christmas and New Years. So I thought, today, we'll look at the type of content that will help you beat consumer depression and get more loyal customers for your brand. Inspire and Lift Up Apart from the fact that inspirational posts make up a good portion of successful content marketing in 2018, they are also a perfect way to encourage your audience to feel better and spend

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