Can You Be Successful in Business with No Digital Marketing At All?

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Can You Be Successful in Business with No Digital Marketing At All?

October 7, 2018

Since I started the Blogtober challenge, I asked my audience to let me know what topics they'd like me to write about during the month. Once gentleman from Nigeria wrote on my post and said I should write about him. I didn't even think twice. I knew I had done my ad targeting right, so he must be a business owner. And I've interviewed so many other business owners for the blog. I thought to myself why not. 


We got to talk a bit on Messenger and it turned out that he has never used digital marketing for his business, but his company is actually flourishing. And before you think, he's doing well just on a local level, read what we talked about. 




MB: Good afternoon, mr Unegbu! Thank you for commenting under my video. What do you do? 

Austine Unegbu: I have a company for building materials in Abuja, Nigeria. We supply local residents and businesses with granite, marble, tiles and the rest. 

MB: How did you come up with the idea to start the business? Was it something you've always wanted to do? 

AU: It's more of a cultural thing. I am from the Igbo tribe and generally, we are very business-minded people. I studied marketing at university, but I just wanted to have my own company. 

MB: Ok, so you have a marketing background of a sort. Was it difficult to start the business and grow it? 

AU: My family gave me the initial capital to start the Austela Nigeria Ltd. As with every business the beginning is a bit tough, but it took off quickly and it's been going well for many years now.