What Did We Achieve in 2018

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What Did We Achieve in 2018

December 17, 2018

It's my last working Monday for 2018 and I thought I'd make this post a little bit more personal to MBC. I'm not doing it to brag or because I ran out of topics for business, but because I learned that evaluation is key to success. So, aside from serving as report on MBC's performance during 2018, I hope this post inspires you to sit down and go through every little win and every little failure (or big ones 🤷) that happened to you this year. What did you achieve in 2018? The time you spend thinking about this, will help you realise how amazing you actually are, even though you don't feel like it sometimes or even most of the time. It will motivate you, it will stimulate a rush of new ideas and most importantly, it will give you a base and a plan to grow. 




MBC's Website


Back in January 2018, MBC's website ended up on the first page of Google for related keyword. Woohoo! Unbelievable start of the year, isn't it? Little did I know that this was just the beginning of incredible development. In fact, 2018 was a year of progress and acceleration! 

By May 2018, the blog started getting noticed around the world and some publications were getting over 100 views. In June, I wrote a post about IGTV, right after it was officially launched by Instagram. That publication got featured in several other blogs and YouTube videos. It kept consistent traffic coming to the website, which of course, strengthened our position on the search engine results. 


Every month had a specific theme on the MBC blog and that certainly increased the interest towards upcoming articles. People could see that we actually have a plan and do just write chaotic posts for the sake of fresh content and more SEO points. 


In September, we ran a blog series on upcoming trends for 2019 - digital marketing, website design and