How to Create Your Video Content Strategy

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How to Create Your Video Content Strategy

April 1, 2019

Happy April's Fool! I'm not one to fool around, so we are getting straight to the point. New week, new month, new blog topic. In April we are focusing on the biggest content trend for the last couple of years - video. Surprisingly, despite all the evidence of video content effectiveness and all marketing experts swearing by it, a lot of small businesses still feel reluctant to use video in their content arsenal. Why is that? Probably because they don't have enough information on the right types of video for their brand and don't know how to create a video content strategy or plan. And what am I here for if not to shed light on a topic like that? Let's find solutions for the most common "excuses" people use for not including enough video in their digital marketing activities.




"My Audience May Not Like Videos"


Really? In today's busy world you think that most people on the Internet have time and patience to read long blog posts? And how much real value can you get from just an image? I mean, infographics are great, but it still takes more effort to get what you need from them than a 30 or 60-second video, which will give you the same information. Videos play really well with people's emotions and everyone, I repeat, everyone on the internet is most easily engaged when a piece of content touches their emotions. You can make them laugh, make them angry, happy, amazed, gushed... As long as they feel something, they are likely to stop scrolling and start paying attention. 


"Videos Take a Lot of Time or Money to Get Done"


Depends on the video type. I've come to understand that a lot of people think of video content as just one specific type of video and don't really see all the other options. And they are so many! Let's quickly list 8 types of video you can use for your business: 

  • slideshow

  • how to video 

  • interview

  • "a day in the life of" video

  • company presentation video 

  • animated video

  • "behind the scenes" or "in action" video

  • live video

Best thing is, there are many more types and you can surely think of some once you put your mind to it. So, since we cleared that, we should mention that not all types of video actually take that much time to create. It would take you 15 minutes or less to create a fun and engaging slideshow for your brand. There are so many apps you