Twitter Marketing Strategies 2018

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Twitter Marketing Strategies 2018

May 30, 2018

Have you been dodging Twitter for marketing your business? You are not alone. The thing is Twitter is not the easiest social media platform to understand, but it is an amazing marketing channel you should have in your arsenal. So I am here to shed some more light on how to make it work for your brand and the type of marketing strategies you should use.



Twitter Basics


How to get Started


Unlike other social media platforms you don't need to have a business account on Twitter. In fact, you don't need to have anything different than just an ordinary account like everyone else. Creating it is easy. Sign up with your email address (professional email, I'd recommend) and a password. Much like Instagram, you will then have to create a handle (username) which is unique. Make sure that it isn't too long and try to minimise the non-alphanumerical characters. Too many of those make it harder for people to find you. 


Next steps include choosing a suitable profile picture (best choice - your logo) and a cover photo. Your cover should be something that grabs the attention and relates to your brand, product or service. Currently, you can't upload a video to your cover, so stick to images.


Don't overlook your profile description. The rules of a great Instagram bio apply to Twitter as well:

  • Emojis

  • Keywords

  • Call to action

  • Emotional message

  • Hashtags

  • Website link

If you want you can also add the "birthday" of your brand.


What to post on Twitter


Remember the content ratio rule? It's still 70/20/10 and it applies to Twitter too. Most of your tweets should be educational, inspirational or entertaining. Users who are fluent in sarcasm and have a witty approach to various topics become Twitter stars really quickly. Brush up your copywriting skills. Also, you only have 280 characters to work with so use them well. You should post pictures, quotes, videos and polls. You can create fantastic images using these Canva templates. GIFs steal the show on Twitter! 20% of your content will be retweets and from time to time you can through a pinch of a sales pitch. 


Who's on Twitter