Why You Should Use Pinterest Ads Regularly

Why You Should Use Pinterest Ads Regularly

May 13, 2020

Google Ads don't work for every business, especially not for those with low budget. Facebook is becoming a little overcrowded with ads and people don't pay much attention. Is that the end of PPC? Oh, no. Not at all! 


The right platform to drive cheap, relevant and consistent traffic to your website is Pinterest. And better get on it now, while the competition is still relatively low. 


Pinterest is already the third most popular social media in the USA. It is also steadily growing in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and other countries with developed economies. But there's more charm and magic to this platform you need to know about. 




What's Special about Pinterest


Pinterest is a social network like no other. The way it works is very different from the well-known big social spots. The philosophy of the platform focuses on the future instead of the present. When we go on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter we do it with the intention to stay connected with our family and friends, see how our favourite celebrities are doing, what they are saying right now. In other words - be in the now. Buying products while on those channels is more accidental than intentional. 


When we go on Pinterest, we are there to look for inspiration, ideas and often with the intention to buy.